I am a werewolf fan.  I'm even in a pack on Wattpad called the Crescent Moon Pack.  Even though I don't own this pic, I would look like this if I was a werewolf.  Just saying.  Plus I love God, and I don't mean to put shame on Him for liking werewolves.  I made sure with Hi

Not only do I have to do tests at schools, I have to do a test on Wattpad XP.  I'm not complaining though.  It sounds like I am.  GRR
Alright.  I'm done.... I think.  I'll need to go over everything and shtuff.  *blows raspberries*  Tata

    Jewel Cross

    I love fantasy and sci-fi fiction.  Jewel's only my pen name.  I am a Christian.


    January 2013